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Sunday, 19 November 2017

10 Proven Steps to Increase Google Search Ranking

Killer Tricks to Increase
Source: Google
Have you started a Blog/Website? Have to post articles on it? Where is your post in Google Search? Not Happy with your position, want to improve it but don't know how to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to rank better. I am not an SEO expert, but you reach here because these killer tricks work.

Let Get started:

Step 1: Give your page a Subject (Keyword Phrase)

This is very important because this is word that someone going to put on search engine to find your content. You have to find a perfect Keyword Phrase, but don't use excessive in your post. It had to appear in the first paragraph of your post and so on. For example, if my Keyword phrase is "XYZ", you can start with "This is post on XYZ..." only used keyword when needed. If you have excessive Keyword in your post it may look like spammy. In simple words, speak like a Human.

Try to stick on one Keyword Phrase per post/page. This doesn't mean you have to put your content narrow to the subject, you can make as board it can but don't put lots of unrelated content. For example if you are writing a page on "How to Cut an apple" it is not necessary to write "how one grow apple".

Make your content readable to everyone, easy to understand and properly categorized.

Step 2: Proper Keyword Density

One of most important things Google looks on your content page is Density of Keyword usage. Use smartly and natural. Don't think you are smarter than Search Engine, don't try to trick by using your word over and over or by making the word "invisible. Instead of increasing your Google Search Ranking this might lead to get penalties or even banned from indexing your page by Search Engine.

To know more about it open your Browser and go to Google and search for any terms and click on the first result copy the URL. Go to GeoRanker and paste the URL, and check the result and read the post with referring to this report. You will get ideas about the content is written to get #1 position in Google Search Ranking.

Step 3: Give a Stunning Name or Tittle

Google or other search engine display results as a link to your page with your page tittle and meta description of your content. Nobody will likely to click on page "Untitled". Again try to do give a stunning name. Use adjective word and promise to your title, see how it look like. Let say I am writing a content on how to sell a house, is "How To Sell Your House" is better or "Effortlessly Sell Your House in Next 48 Hours". Which will attract more? Let me know in comments.

Step 4: Submit or Site to Search Engine and Directories

If you have already submitted your website address to major search engine and directories, you might think you have done but no. You have to submit specific page you want to rank. Try submitted as much as you can.

Step 5: Inter Pages Linking

Having a blog under your website will be great for this purpose. Try link relevant pages in your website with each other. But don't link unrelated pages. For example if you have pages "How to make a cake" and "How to celebrate Birthday Party with low budget" You can make link for second to first page but if you link from first to second page, it will make no sense.

Step 6: Make you graphic Search Optimize

You might be seen Google search results display images for search query. Give your images proper attribute. This give another chance to put your keyword where Google and other search engine can see them but don't stuff keyword that are not related to your graphic. For example, if you upload an image "Apple" and you keep alt txt as "Tomato" it will make no sense.

Step 7: Make you website Mobile Friendly

With the increase in the number of people using mobile to search their queries. Google has indicated that mobile-friendliness is good for Google ranking signal. You can check whether your site is mobile or not at Google Mobile-Friendly Test.

Step 8: Good and Well Design

Make your site well organized, properly categorized your pages, post. Make easy to navigate Menu. In short make it user friendly.

Step 9: Social Networking

Be active on social networking sites. Engage on other post on social networking sites similar to your content. Share your links, post comment, try to give reply to other. Don't ever try to be smarter than other. Don't blame your content is better than other. For example, if you give comment, "You contents is week, the content at my blog is better" instead you can use, "Hi, I have read your content, that great! I have added some supplementary points on same topic, you can check out at my blog(link to specific page)". What you think which one better. Try to keep a good relation with other bloggers, it will help a lot in your blogging career.

Step 10: Pay Attention on Backlink

Last but most important factor to increase Google searching ranking. To make it simple to understand, let us that an simple example, when you are confused in finding a right way, usually we asked other about the address and which way to take to reach the correct destination. The same happen here to if you have a write a content on "How to cut an Apple?" and your keyword phrase is How to Cut an Apple, if you got links from other blog when they say How to cut an Apple and linked to your page as much as you get it better for you to rank higher because it the Search Engine that the Keyword you are looking is there in this address, hence give you a good google search ranking.

Please Read : How to build backlinks with zero SEO Knowledge

To get better ranking in Google Search Ranking, things need to do

  • Choose a perfect Keyword Phrase 
  • Write a proper and well defined content with proper keyword density 
  • Keep you website or Blog User Friendly and mobile responsive 
  • Get engage on Social Networking Sites 
  • Keep Good Relation with other Blogger 
  • Build Backlinks to your content
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